Terms & Conditions - Domestic Cargo

You are requested to read the following points carefully before booking the consignment.

  • You must ensure that Your consignment does not contain any letter of communication which will infringe the INDIAN POSTAL ACT. 1983. Cheques, Drafts, Files, Stationery, Documents, Negotiable instruments, Banking papers, L.Cs and such other documents are barred from being sent through courier service. The consignment should not contain any paper or documents which cannot be reconstructed in case of laws. We accept envelopes/parcels in good faith that they do not contain anything, which will infringe the Law.

  • Consignments, which are of Hazardous Nature (Chemicals, Flammable Articles and Liquids) expressly prohibited by the RAILWAY/AIRPORT AUTHORITY OR ANY OTHER TRANSPORT AGENCY, will not be accepted.

  • We request you not to enclose CASH in the courier consignment and not to book Jewels, Textiles, High value gift articles, Shares Certificates and Travel documents. Our liability incases of any Loss or Damage to the consignment shall not exceed Rs.100/-

  • We request you to declare the value of the consignment in the consignment note at the time of booking. When you book your shipment, please ensure that whether the network has an office at the destination where your consignment should reach. If there is no office at the network kindly give special instructions to operations staff and ascertain the delivery details.

  • We request you to ensure that the consignment is properly packed with thick paper material to withstand the handling.

  • You should book all Your TENDER DOCUMENTS in advance so as to reach their destinations on time. When booking such documents they should ensure that the Consignee’s full address, Designation, specific department name and Tender Opening Time are written legibly on the consignment. This will ensure prompt and speedy delivery.

  • If more than one consignment is booked to the same consignee, it has to be ensured that the full address is written on all the consignments.

  • Consignments addressed to Ministry Offices and Central Government Offices in New Delhi are put in the box at the gate, due to security reasons as per the direction of the Central Government. You have to hand over all their consignments before the specified CUT-OFF-TIME for on time delivery.

  • The Company shall not be liable for any loss arising due to confiscation of shipments by any Government Agencies due to lack of proper documents.

  • The company shall not be liable for any loss arising due to the causes beyond its control such as Floods, Accidents, Fire, Theft, War Etc.,

  • Every effort is made to adhere to the delivery schedule, but it may be delayed in the circumstances beyond the control.

  • Octroi or any other charges levied by any Central/State/Local Authorities wherever applicable shall be extra and the consignor should pay it.

  • The company is not liable for any loss, miss-delivery, delay or damage to any article/things/documents sent and no officer of the company is liable for any such loss or delay or damage, except to the extent of clause mentioned above in point 3.

  • Skylark Express has the right but not the obligation, to inspect any shipment without prior intimation to the consignor for checking the contents.

  • All matters of business should be settled within the jurisdiction of the Booking station.

  • Proof of Delivery can be made available on customer’s request and such a request should be made within 30 days of the dispatch of the consignment. No claims will be accepted after this time limit.

  • Parcels shall be accompanied by the following forms to meet the requirements of sales tax authorities. – Invoice/Declaration, West Bengal way bill 42 And required forms for all the states (Octroi payable for, Haryana, Maharashtra, Punjab and Rajasthan).

  • Consignments addressed to a Post Box Number cannot be delivered.